“More than a year ago, I was diagnosed with a heart condition that, among other things, can cause me to lose consciousness and pass out.  I was given medication to take when this occurs, and it was also recommended that I take aspirin as well.  One day, shortly after I was diagnosed, I had an attack and I did not have my medication with me, which caused me to end up in the emergency room.  Shortly after, I learned about the Beatfirst wristband and bought one immediately.  Thanks to this wonderful product, I can store my medication discretely and conveniently on me for whenever I need to use it.  I have had the wristband for nearly a year, and I can shower, exercise, and go about my daily routine without having to worry about ruining my medication.  The best part is that when I have needed my aspirin or medication the most, I haven’t had to look for it since it is located right on my wrist.  Since I have started wearing the Beatfirst wristband, I have not needed to go to the hospital whenever I have suffered an attack.  I have had to use the medication in an emergency several times.  It’s more than a convenient storage place – it is truly a life saver.”

Grady Byrnes – Age 23

Michigan City, Indiana, USA



Customer Reviews on Amazon

By DanielBen on January 20, 2013

Size Name: Medium/Large

I have an average wrist size and this band fits mine perfectly. With heart disease running in the family, it’s important for me to be prepared with aspirin for myself and loved ones. My friends have also purchased one as they can store other types of medication as well.

Size Name: Medium/Large Verified Purchase

So thrilled for this product. My dad suffered his second heart attack this summer and I’ve been searching for a pill bracelet for my on the go dad since then. He has worked at the Methodist heart station for 30+ years and his coworkers are already asking about his new little lifesaver. I expect this product to be a big hit..every one with a risk of heart disease should have one! My mom and I are so releaved he now has aspirin on hand at any and every moment! Her only suggestion is different colors for the bands.

By Eddie L. Knowles on September 21, 2014

Size Name: Medium/Large Verified Purchase

My wife got this for me for the times I am out mowing or gone somewhere alone. This is a great idea. I even showered with it and the aspirins stayed dry. I wear it all the time.