Customers can easily customize the color of the wristband, as well as the logo and text which is to be screen-printed on the wristband in contrasting colors.

Generally, Beatfirst wristbands are packaged individually in plastic wrappers which indicate the size, UPC bar code, product information, web address, and company information.  All text, images and bar codes appearing on the packaging are also customizable.

Currently, two standard sizes are offered:  Small (180 mm circumference) and Medium/Large (202mm circumference).  Larger and smaller sizes can be designed and produced to fit your needs.

In the event your organization wishes to modify the physical characteristics of the wristband – e.g., changes to the face plate, the size of the chambers, capability to holster medication in a blister-pack, etc. – the on-staff engineer can work with you to modify the design of the wristband to meet your desires, and have the production facility provide prototypes prior to you placing your order.


custom1        custom2



custom3      custom4




Beatfirst offers pricing based upon quantities ordered, and offers discounts based upon bulk purchasing.

Beatfirst wristbands can be packaged individually, or can be produced and delivered without any individual packaging.

Individual plastic wrappers are customizable and can include your company’s logo, text, font, and any other information you may desire.   Customized counter-top boxes are also available as method of displaying Beatfirst wristbands.

Email For pricing on customizations and large orders